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Let Your Passion Create Your Prosperity

This Is a Fabulous Five Week Program that’s Personally, Coached by Me
Throughout this five week tele-course,  you will be continually supported in making internal shifts, and coming into alignment with your True Purpose. You’ll receive very specific tasks and actions that serve to bust right through the myths and beliefs that have been preventing you from Building Prosperity in Your Own Life… And preventing you from having the Financial Means That You Really Deserve to have – for making the huge difference in the lives of the people you care about… which would include Your Self, your family, your community and really any of the organizations that you have been feeling called to help out. And I intentionally made the point of including your self, because as Heart Centered Healers and Socially Conscious Entrepreneur’s, It’s not uncommon that we end up at the bottom of our list of priorities. And you’ll be getting more clarity around the importance of securing your own life vest, first. 


You’ll be receiving:
• Five …60 Min. training calls – one each week for five weeks beginning April 9, 2014
• You’ll receive the recordings from each call to keep for your private library – and I really encourage you to listen to these multiple times because the material goes a little deeper each time
• You’ll receive Your own personal set of “done 4 you” templates to guide you along the Process of Letting Your Passion Create Your Prosperity
• And I’m happy to say you’ll be creating Your Own step by step plan for realizing your Vision in The Exactly Amazing way you’ve always been meant to.

• And how will you feel to finally have a new relationship with money? Maybe you could even become friends? Maybe? Maybe you’ll learn to do Amazing work together.

Building Prosperity to Create Positive Change – My Gift to You

~ The 7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid in Order to Build Prosperity to Create Positive Change~
You’re Invited to Be My Special Guest On This Very Special Web Cast. March 19th, 2014 at 11:00 PT
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To You?
• I am a Heart Centered Healer Or Socially Conscious Entrepreneur – So focusing on making money just feels greedy and wrong. I really Care about making a difference in the world and I feel best when I’m helping people. It’s not about the money for me.
•I have a job that’s OK – but it doesn’t really thrill me so much and I’m barely making ends meet. I know I should be glad that at least I get a pay check.
•I’d love to make enough money to help out the causes I believe in but I’m so tired all the time and I really can’t add more work to my plate.
•I don’t really have any special skills or abilities that people would be willing to pay me for.
•I have so many ideas all the time. Why can’t I just focus and pick ONE like other people do. I get so easily overwhelmed.

If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions you’ve definitely come to the right place. You see, I used to think the same things… and more. I was working at a job that really fed my spirit at one time but I got to the point where I knew I was being called to do Bigger things in the world. I felt a longing to really make a difference and I could feel an urgency to step up and do it Now!

The problem was, the guidelines we grew up with for career success and fulfillment were created for a different time. And a different group of people.

Today’s Heart Centered Healers and Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs don’t strive for success because they want to prove something or they just want to Have more than other people …

WE are here to Build Prosperity to Create Positive Change in the world.

The truth is food, housing, clothing, animal rescue – these things all cost money. Rebuilding after disasters costs money. So doesn’t it make sense to learn how to Value Your skills and abilities by using them to serve Your true calling? And doesn’t it make sense to learn how to provide those services in the highest way and earn a good wage while doing it? I Really Know This for Sure.

So in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day ~ And the bit of Irish in me ~ I would LOVE for you to join me for a Very Special Web Call ~ as my Guest. I am a Heart Centered Healer & a Socially Conscious Entrepreneur who has figured out an Amazing way to pull all of this together. I’m going to share with you, how to Avoid the 7 Costly Mistakes that kept me playing small for much too long – that kept me exhausted and broke for much too long. We really do get to be both Prosperous and Spiritual. I’m pulling back the curtain to lend a hand by showing you how ~ just as my amazing mentors have shown me how. We’re not meant to do this great work alone.

If you’re ready to learn:
• The most critical mindset shift that you need to make now
• The #1 thing that you need to focus on to get the Big results you deserve
• A Wonderfully warm and fuzzy way to activate the Law of Circulation ~ funneling Prosperity to make the Positive change in our world that you feel calling you now
Just Click on the button below to Enter Your Name And Email Address In The Box And I Will Happily Send You Everything You Need To Be My Special Guest On This Very Special Web-Call. And, if you can’t make it to the Class Live, don’t worry, I’ll be recording the whole thing and sending it out to everyone who signed up. See you there 🙂

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