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It’s an inside job, isn’t it?

The more I examine the path I’ve taken to Entrepreneurial Excellence the more clear I become that 90% of my journey has been about doing the inner work.  I thought so simplistically in the beginning … Put up a web site, send out some emails, share my gifts with the world.  What could be so hard about that, right?

Well???  When you decide to follow your true calling and serve the world in the biggest way you can imagine the Universe steps up to make that dream come true.  Spirit is always conspiring on our behalf.  That’s why we hear the phrases “Ask and you shall receive … Ask and it is given” and things like that.

And, on the surface, we think we know what we’re asking for … Dear God, please send me lots of clients who are ready and who love to grow and expand.  Please fill all my workshops and VIP days, seamlessly, with beautiful people who can benefit from the many, many years of brilliance and clarity I’ve gained by experiencing life’s hardships and managing to maneuver my way thru those hardships in one piece.  ( well … Mostly one piece … most of the time.)  Please ensure no less than $20,000 a month flowing through my bank account and out into the world …  going forth to do good work in healing the ills of our beautiful planet.  Thank you so much.  Love, Dee

Easy enough right?  Reasonable to want, right?  Actually, that is right.  But how unusual (that’s my attempt at sarcasm) how unusual that it turns out looking so much different than I thought it was going to.

You see, all those things are results that show up in the outer world.  And what I’ve discovered is that only about 10% of Success comes from stuff that I DO.  The other 90% is dependent on The Inner Game we have going on all the time.  Most of the time we may not even be aware of the thought process or belief that lead us to a particular decision.

So if we equate our results to the fruit that’s growing on a tree, and our internal dialog is the nourishment we’ve poured into the root system ~ that fruit is only going to be as healthy as the nourishment it’s given, right?  We don’t see the roots and all the work that’s going on beneath the surface but we know, for sure, how important it is.  And we don’t see our thoughts and beliefs but they are monumentally important in determining the results we are able to produce in our lives and in our business’.

This is because we’re more conscious of the physical world around us but, what is seen in the physical realm is actually a product of combining our Mental world and our Emotional world with our Spiritual world.  Just like the roots of a tree, we don’t see them at work, but the results you produce are a direct result of whatever is going on beneath the surface in these three realms.   It’s the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  Your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual state of being are the Cause and what you see manifested in the Physical world are the Effects.

The good news is, by looking around you and seeing the results you’ve produced, you can determine what nutrients you’ve been creating below the surface.  For instance, I wanted to start up a full practice of my business right away after leaving a career I’d been in for 36 years.  I completed my job on Friday and Monday morning began working in my business full time.  Surely with all this new found freedom I’ll be able to serve hundreds of people by the end of the month!

So, even though I wanted those results to show up in my physical world it took me a while to get really, really honest with myself and recognize that I had just put in 36 years doing work that I loved.  Things got rocky there at the end  and when it came right down to it I was in great need of some ME time.  My internal realms had gone through some chaos and needed to regroup a bit before being around people again.  So, even though I was outwardly saying I wanted a full practice right away, my true desire is what showed up.

Remember I said you can look at your results and determine what is going on below the surface.  If I really was as ready as I thought to be working with people right away, they would have been beating down my door to get in.

So, until next time,

What results are you witnessing in your life?  Based on those results, what part of you is needing a bit of TLC?  You really do deserve all the best life has in store for you.

Blessings to you.  🙂