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How to Set up Your own Giving Foundation

How to Set up Your own Giving Foundation through

GiveBack was founded by Stephen Paletta, the winner of Oprah’s Big Give.

I’m So Glad You’re Here!!! My name is Denise Toffey and I’m the founder of

The Legendary Master Class~ ~ Let Your Passion Create Your Prosperity ~    where I continually learn and practice Letting My Passion Create My Prosperity!!  I teach Heart Centered Healers and Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs how to structure their lives so that they are in alignment (heart , body , mind and soul ) with the things that matter most to them … A Joyful Home … A Thriving and Prosperous Business and Community as well as The Ability To Expand Your Wealth… And as you may well know, giving to organizations we believe in is the Most Powerful 1st step!  It sets the Energetic flow of Wealth and Abundance in motion.

GiveBack was founded by Stephen Paletta, the winner of Oprah’s Big Give, a show that aired in 2008. As a contestant, Stephen traveled across the country and met people in every town who were making a difference; people giving back to their community and the world.

Stephen was awarded $1,000,000 to give back to the causes he wanted to support. So he set up his own foundation and gave away his winnings to causes in his hometown and around the world.

GiveBack was conceivedsteve-oprah and built around the idea of empowering people to start their own foundation. Then, by developing unique benefit programs with companies around charitable giving, GiveBack helps members accumulate more money to give back to the causes they care most about.  Read more about origin

Setting up your own foundation through has these benefits as well ~

  • A foundation account for everyone
  • Organize all your giving in one place
  • 24 /7 one click donating to any charity
  • One simple tax receipt for the IRS
  • Nearly 1000 online merchants give cash back to your account
  • Easy tools to start your own fundraiser
  • Support friends and family giving


How to Set up Your Give-Back Account in a few Easy Breezy Steps

  1. Start by going to by either
    1. clicking on this link if you’re online
    2. copy this link and paste it into your browser or
    3. To access when off line – press Ctrl on the bottom Left of your keyboard while clicking this link.


  1. Next click on the Red button on the right side of the screen  And follow directions to set up your own charitable account.
  2. Click on “Agree to Terms”
  3. Follow Directions to choose your charity
  4. Let the Shopping & Giving Begin!!!

Blessings to You, Denise

P.S. For questions or help setting up your foundation please contact me at

Do You Ever Freak Out at the Thought of Speaking in Public?

They say that the #1 most common fear is speaking in front of a crowd and is closely followed by the #2 fear of death. It is that powerful.

“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” ― Jerry Seinfeld

Getting in front of a group of people and speaking can be so terrifying, and a lot of it connects back to childhood memories and how we interpreted things that happened.  It can be really scary to stand up and be seen before you have evidence that it’s 100% safe to do so.

As children we literally don’t know that everything around us doesn’t, necessarily, relate to us.  It’s not at all uncommon for us to maintain these misunderstaings well into adulthood because in our minds we think of them as truths rather than misunderstandings, and then never give it another conscious thought.

When I was about 4 years old my older sister got sick and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.  At that age I didn’t know what she had done wrong or why my parents were crying and upset and these strangers were taking her away to who knows where.  I was so terrified that if they noticed me they’d take me too.  I just wanted to stay there in my familiar house with my brother.  “Please God, I want to be invisible.  Don’t let them see me.” At that age you believe your survival depends on blending in and not being noticed.

 Dang! You’d think I would’ve gotten over this but it took me a while to understand why I was so afraid to talk in front of people.  When you’re in  front of room speaking it goes without saying … people see you.  In fact that’s kind of the point. 

One of the gifts of being an entrepreneur is that we actually get paid to overcome our greatest fears so that we can do what we really ARE meant to do. We’re drawn by our desire to help, in our special and unique ways, and in order to do that people need to know what we’re all about and how we can help.

The way I learned to manage my fear of speaking in front of people was when I changed my mindset about it. I kept getting in front of people until it was second nature. In a crowd where everybody was going to speak, to introduce themselves, I would go 1st.  Then I didn’t have time to freak myself out waiting for my turn.

I decided to let my desire and intention to help people, be greater than my fear. I went from being a shy little girl that didn’t want to speak in front of people… Who was afraid if anyone noticed her she might get dragged away to who knows where… to now being able to speak on stage, no matter how many people are there to hear me.

So, why is speaking so important to me and to many women in business (maybe even YOU)?  We have beautiful gifts to share with the world…gifts that are unique to each of us.   And people who are longing to receive those gifts in a way that Only we can deliver. 

When I was in College I was trying to learn a particular algebraic formula that just wouldn’t stick.  I asked my brother to explain it.  I asked my friends to explain it.  It was imperative that I learn it in order to graduate but all I got was more confusion. 

Then, on my first day of Pharmacology class, (mind you 2 semesters had gone by with everybody and their uncle trying to teach me this formula) the Professor went up to the chalk board and showed us how to work this —  same —  formula.  It was like I’d been struck by lightning.  I couldn’t believe it!  I understood what to do with 100% clarity!  I thought, “Why didn’t they just say so?” 

Because his unique perspective and delivery of the material was an ideal match for my listening style. 

As an entrepreneur there are even more reasons to overcome your fear of public speaking~

  • Speaking immediately positions you as an expert on your topic.
  •  Speaking also is a wonderful way to share your message with more than one person at a time.
  • Speaking engagements provide a wonderful platform to offer your products and/or your services or offer people a free consultation, depending on what your business model is.
  • Speaking allows you to Reach out to Serve your divine right clients. (Like my Pharmacology Professor did for me.  Glad he wasn’t afraid of public speaking)

So, I guess my main point is this:  If you feel called to be an agent for change in some way, your ideal clients will never know enough to reach out to you if you aren’t able to Express and Share you message out loud.

I used to literally think I was going to throw up if I had to say my name in a group of people I didn’t know.  I got past that and, I promise, so can you. I know, without a doubt, that overcoming your fear of public speaking is just a matter of using a few mindset management techniques. 

I love to help Socially Conscious, heart centered women manage the Psychology and Mindset behind Entrepreneurial fear. With a few quick insights, exercises and tweaks you’ll be ready to embrace your visibility, even with speaking engagements, and turn unknown strangers into paying clients.

We can sometimes be frozen by fear and I’m happy to say I’ve created a few ways to support you in moving forward in your journey toward business success.   If you’re wanting to get out there in a bigger way I’m happy to explore the possibilities together.

Click here to request an Exploratory consultation with me personally for only $37 ~  (Normally a $57 value)

Until Next Time~ 

Mastering the Psychology of Being a Successful Entrepreneur ~  by Denise S. Toffey


Accept yourself exactly as you are.



   Accept yourself exactly as you are.  Every stage of your business development is divinely orchestrated and is the blessing it is meant to be.

Does Mindset Matter?

Mastering the Psychology of Being an Entrepreneur

Does Mindset Matter?

 So many times I hear people struggling because their business is not making the traction they want it to.  They tell me “I know what I’m supposed to be doing but I feel like there is never the time or the energy to really put my business plan into action and have it work.  I work all day long and still feel unfinished by the end of the day and my bottom line isn’t budging.”

Have you ever felt that way?  You have your Marketing Plan, Consistent Blog post, Computer Science Handled – All your templates are filled out. All your posters are on your wall.  You even went to the breakfast networking meeting your Coach told you to add to your “Important stuff to do” list.  But … Where are the results you were so sure would manifest?  Where are all the clients you feel so passionate about serving?

ARGH!!!!!  It can be so frustrating right!

So, here’s the thing.  Many of you know that when I took my leap of faith, left my secure job as a civil servant to reach out to all of you and make a  Bigger Difference in the world I thought I’d be up and running by Friday of the first week.  I had previously experienced Phenomenal Success and  I had been working with my business coach for quite a while.  (A TOP NOTCH BUSINESS COACH, I might add)

Many of the entrepreneurs I worked with were making wonderful strides in their businesses using my Client Attractive Methods, greatly known to have Ideal Clients eagerly raising their hands to say “YES! YES! Sign me up! I am so ready to create and Live the life I’ve always hoped was possible!  YES!”

But for some reason Friday came and went.  And then another Friday came and went, and another … You get the picture.  What the ……….?  I was doing everything right.  Or was I?  You guessed it … Another Inside Job.

Although I’d known for many (30+) years that my Passionate Life Purpose was to Make the Lives of Others Better than they would be without me there to guide them, I was leaving out the most important ingredient.  My Legendary Secret Sauce ~ I was so excited to have created a platform to Serve in a wonderfully Huge way that I inadvertently left my own well being out of the picture.  It’s supposed to be all about my clients, right?

Well, what I discovered was that by not serving my own well being as part of my recipe for success, I didn’t clear the space in my spirit that needed some TLC before having all that I needed to support the needs of others.

When I finally did allow myself a moment of peace and quiet I realized that I really didn’t want any clients right away.  My whole inner BEing was crying out for a little space!  A little quiet time to reflect and process recent events that hadn’t had time to integrate into useful resources yet.

My point is this ~ All of the Brick and Mortar, external strategies in the world are of no use if you haven’t gone inward first.  FIRST you must establish daily rituals of Self Love and Care.  Until our own emotional needs and spirit  needs are met our overall Vibration will continue to be miss-aligned with the progress we think we want to make.

Here is the Magic Sauce ~ Spirit is always, always working on our behalf.  Always!  Even when we “think” we want to Serve a full practice overnight.  Even when we “think” we want a different office or even a new dog.  If manifesting these outward results are detrimental to our Highest Good or our Overall Well-Being these things will not actualize.

Our alignment of Body, Mind and Soul must occur first.  So, YES!  Our mindset does matter.  It does guide us into alignment with our highest desires.

Our Beliefs determine our Thoughts or our Mindset.  Our Mindset (particularly our sub-conscious thoughts but I’ll leave that for another day) So, Our Thoughts determine our Emotions which lead to our Actions and Life Experiences. This, in turn, contributes to our Beliefs … and so on and so on …

Until next time … BE gentle with yourself … Ask yourself ~ your guides ~ your GOD ~ your Spirit ~ each morning and evening … “What is my Souls Desire?  How can I best nurture my Spirit and Well-Being to seamlessly glide into alignment with The Greatest Good of All I am Meant to Serve?  Thank You for Including ME in the equation.”

It feels so good to belong.   Blessings to You