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Link to Build Your List and Expand Your Outreach

Link to Build Your List and Expand Your Outreach

You’ve heard it time and time again… ..the money is in the list. Picture this…a 100 new contacts on your email list. How about 200, 500 or even 1000 hot new subscribers!!!

You and I both know that having a list of responsive, proven subscribers is the key to making a lot of money online. The bigger your list, the more people you that will be lining up to buy your product.

It’s that simple. So…

Myself and a team of some of the top internet marketers in the world have come together to help YOU add hundreds if not THOUSANDS of new subscribers to your list. It won’t take years, months, or even weeks. You can do 6 months of list building in just a few days. It doesn’t cost you a thing.

All you have to do is sign up and participate in a free giveaway event for your subscribers.

That’s right, you are not only going to be able to add thousands of hot subscribers to your list, you’re also going to be providing a LOT of value to your current list by giving them some of the hottest products available today.

When is the last time 2 minutes of your time built a list of hundreds (or thousands) of subscribers?

See you there 🙂 To Your Success,  Denise Toffey of

P.S. There are only a few days to get involved as the event is scheduled to open for regular members on Tuesday August 26th 2014 @ 08:30:00 AM CDT, so you gotta get in fast…

Are You Charging Enough?

Have you noticed that there is a Spiritual r-Evolution going on right now in the world of business?

For as long as I can remember “Good Business Practice” was based on manipulation, deceit, corruption and an “Every Man for Himself” mentality of competition.

Finally we’re seeing a shift in that out dated pattern of thinking.  Best Practices in Business are now shifting toward Honesty, Integrity, and Love.  We’re in Service to others from our most compassionate inner selves and make no apologies for it.

“You are the Stuff Legends are Made of”.  ™  You are an important part of this shift.  And it’s important that you be well compensated so you may continue to serve your calling.  We now know that earning money for the services we provide with Integrity, Attention and Love is a necessary exchange of energy.

This is such an amazing time in history to be a Heart Centered, Socially Conscious Entrepreneur and an agent of change.  And to ensure that this shift is powerfully supported I want to give you a pivotal piece of the equation.

You see, many of the Holistic Practitioners that come to me have, what I believe to be, the wrong idea about the meaning of financial value applied to their services. There’s a common misconception that receiving payment for doing work that you Love and living your Life’s Purpose is somehow wrong and not spiritual.

But I really want you to hear this!  THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE. Whether you do Reiki, Massage, Create a sacred space for Weddings, Healing modalities, Work with essential oils, Energy Re-patterning or crafting comfortable custom dog beds for our 4 legged family members ~ You ARE all doing GOD’s work.  Whatever your particular gift or ability is, You are meant to express it in your life and in your business.  And you are meant to be financially rewarded for providing your service to those who need you.

It is precisely your ability to provide for them with Integrity, attention and love that’s so needed right now to fuel the positive changes we’re creating together in our world.  We’re moving the human race forward.

Your calling, just like mine, is no accident.  When we express our Life Purpose through the heartfelt work that we do the Universe comes into alignment and ensures that we attract financial resources for our Services so that we can keep providing them. You will begin to attract more and more opportunities to provide for the clients you’re meant to serve – with Integrity, attention and love.

We’ve learned that Earning money for the gifts you provide is meant to be an Exchange of Energy.  If you provide your services for free or if you don’t charge what your services are worth you actually contribute to a dis-service rather than your intended service.  There needs to be a vitality of give and take or you stop that movement of energy that’s needed to create a consistent flow and exchange of resources.

When you do get your message and your services out into the world – with Integrity, attention and love – and you receive a well-deserved financial reward for them, you create an expanded ability to serve in a Bigger way.

 When riches begin to come they come so quickly and in such great abundance that one wonders where they’ve been during all those lean years.                                                         Napoleon Hill

When you charge appropriately for your services you increase the sense of value being provided and your clients are able to take their investment more seriously.  They feel more empowered to take the gift of your teaching and use it to heal or enhance their lives because they, too, hold a strong understanding that they are worth it.  Especially if it’s a stretch for them.  Their creative juices start flowing to make it happen.  Their win is actually greater because you are solving their, top of mind, problem.  You win because you’re expressing your Life Purpose and improving the quality of their lives in your special way.

This synergy increases the overall vibration of Integrity, attention and love in the world and we all win.  Like I said before, Your Calling … Your Life Purpose is absolutely Spiritual.  Honoring your gift by charging a fee that it deserves is absolutely spiritual.  Spirit, GOD, The Universe (or whatever your chosen reference is) is always conspiring for our highest good.  For all of us … Even You.  We’re doing GOD’s work and we’re doing it in an honorable way.  Of course it’s the right thing to do.

Your Call to Action: I really am thrilled with the Spiritual r-Evolution taking place on our planet right now.  If you have a hard time charging well for your services I invite you to re-evaluate your previous beliefs.  You are really not meant to express your life purpose OR be financially sound.  (It’s not either/or)  Your gift serves the highest good for the planet by creating a flow of energy that allows you and your clients to experience BOTH.

This is just one pivotal piece of a more comprehensive program that guides students deeply into managing the Psychology of Being a Successful Entrepreneur.

To find out more and receive ongoing Tips and Strategies for Opening up to Live and Express your Passionate Life Purpose and begin to Bridge the Gap between a Poverty Mindset and a Prosperity Consciousness ~ go to or contact me at

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