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Does Your Sabotage Show up in All Shapes and Sizes? Because Mine Does.

Like the time I Registered for a Weekend long Seminar from EXACTLY  the mentor I wanted to learn from. And he was talking about EXACTLY the subject I wanted to learn about that I was sure would catapult my business to the next level.  Maybe even 2 levels.  So, What happened?  You guessed it!  I got so sick I couldn’t go.  I Slept ’til Tuesday.   RRRRRRRRR!!!

Or the time I was right on track for an “A”  in the hardest Biology Course the college had to offer and I didn’t speak up when my professor marked one of my answers wrong, on my exam, that was actually correct.  In fact it was word for word correct when I reviewed the topic in my book.   Other people challenged him about mis-marked  test questions and he wouldn’t budge so I figured:

“Oh well.  It’s only one question.  I don’t want to make waves that won’t do me any good anyways.”

RRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  At the end of the semester I had missed getting an “A” by ONE POINT!!!   ONE POINT!!!   RRRRRRRRRRRRRR  Who knows if my particular point wold have been restored if I had only spoken up?

Well, I realized this morning that my Saboteur has been at it again!  Last year I was trying to practice letting someone help me in my business because my usual M.O. is to just jump on YouTube and learn how to do whatever the next item on my list happens to be.  (Makes sense, Right? Wonderfully sound idea, Right?)

Well it would have been, if not for my, ever invisible to the naked eye, Saboteur.   She (yes I do realize “she” is “me”) anyways, She hired someone to build me a web site.

People make it sound so intimidating that I really thought there was no way I should try it on my own.  What do I know about KB’s, GB’s, TB’s? ~ and trying to figure it all out really bytes. (sorry for that)  Now where was I?

So, “We” hired someone to create my website who didn’t actually speak my language.  (Small drawback) She could speak English but she couldn’t speak lay-person.   And I couldn’t speak web designer.  The information she needed from me in order to make my website made no sense to me at all.

“What do I want for my SEO settings?” she asked. ???  “What would I like her to use for my meta tags?” she asked. ???  “Do I have certain Plugins I want to use?” she asked.

Oh, finally a question I can answer!  🙂  “No” I said.  “I’ll be using wireless.”

As you may have guessed, my web site was a disaster.  And I figured “Hey, I spent all that money having it professionally created.I have to use it Right?”

The good news is ….. drum roll please …..  My Saboteur has been outed!   I no longer avoid speaking up about that 1 point on a test that I should have received and I’m not keeping a website I don’t like no matter how much money I spent!!!

$50 Tip of The Day (yours for free of course) ~~~ The Clients I Serve are Mirroring Versions of Myself.  That bares repeating ~~~ The Clients I Serve are Mirroring Versions of Myself.  The want what I want.  They like what I like.  Also, they don’t like what I don’t like.

They are Socially Conscious, Heart Centered Entrepreneurs who are Gifted in their particular area of Brilliance and know they want to make an Amazing Difference in the world.  They come to me because they’re ready to learn how to  Bridge the Gap between the Passionate work that they Love and The Prosperous Income they need to generate so that they can continue Serving their Communities in the Highest way.  

Second $50 Tip of The Day (again – yours for free of course)~ The significance I’m getting at is this.  ~~~ Each point is worth the effort.  Each aspect of our businesses are worth the effort.  Each client is worth the effort.  The difference we are making right now in our world, One Thriving, Socially Conscious, Heart Centered Business at a time, is worth the effort.

So keep your eye out.  My Beautiful New look and feel of my website is on it’s way.  YAY!!!

Blessings to you, Denise

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