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Autism Awareness

Autism heart

AutismAs you may know I’m all about giving from my heart and doing my best to help others to feel all warm and fuzzy in their themselves.
Yesterday I challenged each of us to do one nice thing that makes a difference in the world. Today this is mine. I hope you like it 🙂

April is Autism Awareness month so I just wanted to give a shout out to all the folks out there experiencing the Joys, the Mysteries and the Challenges of Living with Autism!

I saw this video on line from “A Night of Too Many Stars” and it was so heartwarming I wanted to share it with you.  Be ready for Goosebumps

Share the Wealth

Valentine VictoryMost of us have heard about the CEO of Gravity Payments raising minimum wage in his company to $70,000 a year. He also announced that he will be lowering his salary to $70,000 a year as well.

He certainly opened up a wonderful conversation about “Big Business” doing more to follow his lead by keeping less as profit and sharing the wealth.

Well, I want to take this conversation one step further. What if every person reading this did ONE nice thing to help another person or organization. What if WE put our money where our mouths are and bought groceries for a neighbor, brought a bag of dog food to the neighborhood shelter, gave gift cards to a homeless man in town, etc.

It really does add up. We can’t decide that somebody else should solve societies woes but we can do something that speaks directly to our hearts.

Are Ya With Me? 🙂

Post more ideas below that might help somebody even if it’s in a small way. Also, post ONE small (or BIG) thing you did to warm the heart of someone else.