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Longing to Simply BEcome Who You Already Are?

Are you Longing to Simply BEcome Who You Already Are?
As a Life Purpose Specialist I teach Spirit Centered Women how to partner Energetic, Soul Tapping Principals with Practical Systematic Strategies so you can, essentially, live and BE who you already are …fully expressed.

Leigh High School Oak TreeA concept that is important to begin with is the ability to accept yourself exactly the way you are.

This oak tree  is near the parking lot of my high school in San Jose, Ca. I’ll bet that tree never spent a moment feeling badly about not being a pine tree, or about not having the right branches or trunk.

In fact, that oak tree was once an acorn. And within that acorn was already everything that was ever needed to become the mighty oak. Just like everything you need to become the exact version of who you are has been inside you all along. Your perceived mistakes were simply part of the growth that needed to take place for you to blossom into the beautiful human being you are.

When the acorn experienced the conditions that “made welcome” the self that would come to express as an oak tree, it didn’t try to repair its shell. It didn’t panic and think it had done something terribly wrong to have such a broken shell.

In fact the acorn is naturally coded to become that oak tree.

When we listen and say yes to this inner yes, our life emerges to the next level. But when we resist it, deny it, or make excuses for why we can’t honor it, we get stuck, our life stagnates, and crisis ensues.

But, you don’t have to worry. Our crises are there to crack us open and release the seed of potential inside all of us ~ So we can live the Purpose for which we were born.

That’s when you get to feel the joy of living into your higher truth.

Blessings and Joy to YOU!


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