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Every Challenge is an Opportunity

“What Energy, Space and Consciousness can I BE that will allow me to have total Ease, Grace and Clarity with all of this?”  Dr. Dain Heer

Joy to You!

We get so used to trying to figure out what went wrong and why that we inadvertently find ourselves asking and getting answers to the wrong questions.

Last week I found myself banned from all my groups on Facebook… I know right? … I’m not allowed to join any until July 7 either.

I felt so frustrated because I just got banned without an explanation, and I kept asking everyone. Why am I banned? How do I find out? If I don’t know what I did. How can I stopped from doing it again? (I asked in private message you know as I’m banned from speaking in my groups on Facebook)

Surprise, Surprise – nobody knows!

My epiphany this morning is that I’m asking all the wrong questions. Now I get to practice what I preach, right?

I don’t actually want to know why I got bannedI want to know how I can be included in the lives of the people who are important to me. I want to feel secure in knowing that I’m not on the verge of being banished at any given moment.

So – two huge and powerful take-away and prosper items that came out of the “Facebook banning episode”:

  1. I’m responsible for allowing others to feel safe in their relationship with me. How many times in our lives do we reach a place in our relationships where we realize that they’re not meeting our expectations or we feel like our safety or well-being is threatened in some way. Maybe we don’t know what to do next. So we just walk away and never look back.

I’m done! That’s it! I don’t need this! I‘m out of here!

We may be leaving the other person not even sure what they did or what just happened. As we know, our responses to events are a result of where we are on our own path, together with where we’ve been and where we’re going, much of which had nothing to do with that person. So they really don’t know what just happened.

So, just like I had no idea what I had done to be banned from Facebook, (because I had never been a part of the decision that created their reaction) the experience was here to give me clarity that I needed to create strength and honor in my own relationships. 

All experiences are just mirrors of our own lives. That’s what the Dalai Lama means by “Be the Change”. When we see something that’s missing … BE the one to bring it. If I am the one that’s recognizing something and feeling affected by it… I am conscious of it as a reflection of MY truth. A truth that’s making its way to the surface to be expressed by me; through me; as me. 

Every challenge in our lives comes to us for the express purpose of creating opportunity to unveil our true nature and help us BE who we already are. And in my truest nature I desire a life filled with grace and ease. I experience this by taking the opportunity to explore challenges that come up in my relationships rather than walking away hurt and angry. I experience this by seeing that life is not happening “to me” it’s happening “through me and as me”.

When Oprah told us about her daily prayer to God -“Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself.”
Her life experiences have created the context necessary for her to bring what she’s learned to help others. And the same is true of us.

My Facebook banning illuminated the path of what my next steps are meant to be. Remaining present in my relationships and finding resolution to my challenges keeps me on the path to experiencing my life with grace and ease.

The 2nd Big take away and prosper item received from my Facebook banning episode is this:

  1. My frustration and angst got so much worse because I was asking all the wrong questions.

 We know for sure that the universe gets to work answering the questions we ask… Without judgment. What I truly wanted to know was,” How can I remain active in my relationships in a loving, powerful, connected way that feeds my spirit and brings all the joy into my space that I desire? ”

Now, on the surface it was about Facebook-but-when I explore deeper I get to see that how I am here is how I am everywhere. However we show up in one place in our lives is truly how we show up everywhere. That’s why we can learn something from one experience and then translate it so easily into the other experiences in our lives. Because we truly are Being who we already are and our experiences are just there to help us illuminate that which we are ready to unveil and express.

So the tool I want to share with you today is from Dr. Dane Heer at Access Consciousness. It’s the discovery part of his clearing statement. It’s a powerful question to clear away the debris that’s getting in your way so you’re able live the life you desire with grace and ease.

Remember earlier I said that I was creating more problems by asking the wrong questions? Well, this is the question that does serve our highest good when we are faced with a challenge or problem that’s feeling anything but graceful and easy.

The Big Question

“What Energy, Space and Consciousness can I BE that will allow me to have total Ease, Grace and Clarity with all of this?”

When I was fighting against my FB banning I just made myself more upset and didn’t solve anything. I never did find out why I got banned and in the end that was not a question that served me in any way.

What does serve the highest good in the face of any trouble or challenge is to stop asking “Why did they?” and begin asking “How Can I?”.  “How can I create joy, grace and ease?”  “How can I connect with the people who are important to me in my life?” “How can I share pictures from our fabulous mastermind getaway and have them be seen by the people I want to share them with?”

“What Energy, Space and Consciousness can I BE that will allow me to have total Ease, Grace and Clarity with all of this?”  What ever my “this” is at any given time.

Blessings to you, Denise