About Denise

Soul  Energy Expression

My Purpose is To make a Significant Difference in the world by helping to shift the Balance of Financial Power into the hands of Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs who are Naturally Coded to use their Wealth Philanthropically.


Pay Attention to the Still Calm Voice Inside. Lead from Your Heart’s Inner Knowing. Make Good Money in Your Business. Feel Into Your Joy. Viola!

Your Life and Your Business are Meant to Be FUN! If you’re flourishing your clients are flourishing. If you’re having FUN they’re having FUN!  If making great money in your business While building a life that rocks is your thing then listen up.

It’s your Soul Energy that guides your business. That’s where all the true brilliance is initiated. When you’re connected to your passion, you allow your Soul Energy to be Expressed.  And that’s the part of you that gives the best guidance and strategies for your business to thrive.

Too many businesses struggle because their marketing and business systems are based on their knowledge of external actions alone.  It’s only when you align your knowledge, actions and inner Soul guidance that the magic gets to happen.

My Story

Throughout my life I continually practice Letting my Passion Create my Prosperity!!  I say “Letting” because this wasn’t always the case. Sure I had a secure job for many years that fed my Passion but I believed that wanting prosperity in my life was somehow being selfish. I worked really, really hard – pouring my heart into my work as a Psych Tech while making very little money. All my purchases were determined by what I could afford. I didn’t realize yet that it would only take a small shift in my perspective to understand that having prosperity in my life increases my ability to serve the world in a much bigger way. How could that be selfish?

I’ve always known that my Purpose revolved around making the lives of others better than they would be without me there. What I didn’t know was the importance of including myself in the equation of having a wonderful life. I focused all of my energy on giving to others without taking time to refill my body, mind, heart or spirit. I mistakenly thought that I didn’t have time to take care of myself and as a result I became too overwhelmed and exhausted to take care of anyone.

But that was all about to change when I finally realized that each of us gets to choose whether we will live a life that is Empowered or Impoverished. As an Empowered Entrepreneur I am able to truly be of service in the highest way. While some people would call it early-retirement  … I tend to feel more like I’ve graduated and now I get to teach Heart Centered Healers and Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs how to structure their lives so that they’re in alignment ~ Heart, Mind, Body and Soul ~ with the things that matter most to Them … A Joyful Home Life … A Thriving, Prosperous Business and Community, as well as the Clarity and Confidence needed to Dissolve the Fears and Barriers that have been preventing you from Powerfully meeting your Personal and Business Goals.  Maybe Now it’s Your Time to Thrive?


If you are ready to end cycles of Overwhelm and Exhaustion ~

If you are ready to jump off the ever spinning hamster wheel ~

If you are ready to claim your birthright and create success ~

If you are ready to learn how your Passion can Create Your Prosperity ~