Does this Plug you in or Piss you off?

My whole life I’ve been taught this was wrong but deep down in my Soul of Souls I know that it’s not.

“The Art of Self Centered Service”

Well if you were raised anything like me it sounds like I’m trying to say I only care about myself and could never be depended on to care for my fellow man.  But anyone who knows me will tell you that can’t be farther from the truth.

In the Health Care Industry, that has been the largest gateway to my giving nature since I was a teenager, we’re taught to be of  “client centered” service at all times.

Of Course we are, Right? The people we serve are medically, emotionally or physically fragile and depend on us to provide for their comfort and dignity and in many cases, they depend on us to keep them alive. Of course our approach to the work we do is “Client Centered”.

Self Centered or Client Centered? What you need to know is that the two are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to choose one or the other.  In fact, each one depends on the other for their own growth and development.

Health Care is, by its very nature, a means of being of service.  Many of us choose this business to feed our spirits. When our clients are happy and well served is when we feel the most joy and satisfaction. Really, nobody ever needed to tell me to care about the needs of my clients.  That’s what I’m here, on this earth, to do.

But what if the key to doing exactly that … in the Highest way possible … depended on first being able to practice and master The Art of Self Centered Service?

What if those of us who chose the Health Care Industry with clear Intention and Certainty that this is our calling … What if we discovered that by  learning to practice and master The Art of Self Centered Service was the Key to true “Client Centered” delivery of Excellence in Service? 

When we are exhausted, taken advantage of, injured, our bodies over used and abused all while being pushed to do more … all while being told we’re slacking off or not good enough to mask our injuries and keep giving and giving … That is not being of Service that is being in Servitude. 

The negative impact servitude has on the very clients you want to serve is unacceptable. They deserve to receive your gift of service from a place of genuine compassion.  Being run down and exhausted creates a space of your body and your “being” struggling for its own survival.

The Art of Self Centered Service is the Key to true “Client Centered” delivery of Excellence in Service? 

When you are happy, fullfilled and physically well taken care of does your work and attitude get worse or better?

When you stop at the deli on your way to work and the woman in line behind you tells the person at the register to put your order on her bill as a way of thanking you for the service you provide in the world … Does your work and attitude get worse or better?

I think it’s time to refill your glass.  What do ya think?

Think about it and leave a comment below.