Top 5 Steps to Up Your Money Mojo

  1. Write a Financial vision. Begin with the end in mind. Write down exactly what you want your finances to provide for your life so that it looks and feels as you intend it to be. Post your vision where you can see it every day. You can revise it along the way.
  2. Relook at your current Financial Picture. If you’ve been focused on what you don’t like about how far your current dollar can stretch then now take a look at your current life. See how much of it really does match the vision you just wrote. You want to hang on to those things and remember that part of your vision is already happening. That will sustain you when the going gets tough. Start aligning your choices so that your vision is the end game.
  3. Look at your current tolerations. What in your current financial life are you tolerating? What drains your energy or constantly bugs you? “I’ll cancel that account next month when I have more time” or “I know the kids will use the pool membership at some point. I might as well keep it…. for now.” Dump any of these things that you can dump now (without much effort or disruption) to make room for the new, good stuff coming your way.
  4. Clear the clutter. Surprisingly enough, the way our physical environment looks is a reflection of all other environments and vice versa. Begin to clear away clutter in general. Not only physical clutter but the clutter of too many open credit card accounts that you don’t really need or too many unnecessary distractions, activities, and commitments that suck your time and energy. Open up the energy for abundance to flow rather than just stick.
  5. Assess your relationship with Money. Do you Love it? Do you dream about it as a wonderful friend? Or does it drain you, upset you, or cause you problems? Is there anything you can do right now to release these feelings or change your relationship with them? Make room for an important, strong relationship with Money because in partnership you can have fun achieving the goals you’ve set in your Vision.

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