Trying to Fit In?

Happy Spring to you!
If you’re anything like me you’ve always wanted to fit in and at the same time you knew, without a doubt, that your deepest truths and beliefs couldn’t be compromised in order to do so.
I’ve often told people that I grew up feeling like a pear in a bowl full of apples.  Pears are great and apples are great … but … a pear is still not an apple.  It was a lonely way
to BE.
owl fitting in
Like this owl who is trying to be a tree in order to “fit in” ~ he does know on a deeper level that he’s not actually a tree.  Just like I knew I wasn’t actually an apple.
What he may not be realizing is that all of the qualities that make him Amazing are the same qualities that make him an Owl. (Can a tree soar? I don’t think so.)
Like You and Me.  The qualities that made us feel seperate from our tribe, growing up, are the exact qualities that bring us together as a tribe now.  They are the same qualities that are needed to help bring love, joy, calm and peacful feelings to a world that seems a bit crazy these days.
That’s why I’m putting together a free series to help us collectivly feel the higher vibration of Joy that we are so naturally coded to feel and to BE.
As we come into alignment with our Soul ~ with the place inside of us that has always been whole and unaffected by circumstances of life ~ we get BE all of who we already are … fully expressed.
If you’d like to receive this deep and heartfelt series just provide your email address at and let us know where to send it.  
Have a wonderful day.  Blessings to you, Denise

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